Alchemy by ‘Arpita’

Look at the dance and beauty,

It flows in pauses all around.

The beats of its rhythm resound

in rain and pauses and applause.

The silent pond of water

Ripples with dripping leaves,

The seamless flow of the wind,

Ruffles a child’s curls.

Feel the silence and the noise

Meld into one another,

Feel their alchemy create,

The simple joy of being.


Note: This is written by Arpita Gaidhane and you can reach her at: arpita.gaidhane at


Prayer for Silence

Note: This post is written by Arpita Gaidhane (arpita.gaidhanes at All rights to this article belongs to her 🙂

Silence invites me, implores to my being, or is it the other way around?

I walk the stone paths strewn amidst the damp green abundance that the monsoons have ushered and move numbly in my own reverie. My being is tangled in the thoughts developed as a defence against the outside urban world, craving to escape into the simple sense of existence that lies deep beneath the turmoil. I feel afraid of all the people that throng around me, I have learnt to fear crowds for their judgment and the tired fights my poor heart has fought saving itself from absolute destruction. I must learn to be within. I must learn to be without.

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My desire makes me struggle and the struggle contradicts the desire. So I pray. I walk the paths in the lush green abundance and pray for my soul to recognize its blessings, to recognize its burdens and shrug off the unnecessary weights it has carried in fear. The future is a mystery but for now, I have a chance to let go and pray.

Pray for silence.

Manish Kataria takes ‘panga’ with the ‘baccha’ party!

And since Manish has already done the wrong thing by not fulfilling his promise of playing with Suhaani, Mrinal and Kritika, the three of them have created something special dedicated to him.

Manish before the ‘panga’ (quarrel)Image


Manish after the ‘panga’ (quarrel)Image


Manish Kataria: This post comes as a result of the direct conflict you had with the ‘girls’ group at LSuC 2013. LSuC unBlog holds no responsibility for any damage caused to your repo 😛 😀

The ‘Suhanaa’ safar with ‘Suhanee’

This introview is all about the journey (dated 14-June-13) two people had in a few minutes together, however the bond is much more stronger than what you might perceive from this post. The introviewer is our darling Arpita (who happens to be very creative) and Suhanee has taken up the dare.

Suhanee Bhogra (as she is called everywhere) flashes a charming smile when asked if she would like to give an interview (aka introview). Visiting the LSuC with her dad and dadu (grandfather) with her mom and sister joining soon, this nine year old has written and published a comic book (wow!!) with her friends about four creative super-heroes looking to defeat an evil ninja. When asked about LSuC, this is what she had to share:

Arpita (darling of course): Why are you here?

Suhanee: I want to make more friends and I have already made a lot of friends when I came here (at LSuC) the last time, I am looking forward to seeing them again.

Arpita: What do you think is going to happen here at LSuC 2013?

Suhanee: I am expecting a lot of activities for children (of course she is a grown up too :P) and I will get to play a lot.

Arpita: How are you feeling right now being here?

Suhanee: Yeah, I am pretty happy and it’s been a lot of fun so far.

Arpita (she is still a darling): So what do you enjoy doing generally?

Suhanee: I like to read and dance and a lot of adventure. My favorite adventure is hiking and I have been also taking some interest in Indian, Greek and Pagan mythology.

The journey with Suhanee has been super-cool (like Bungee jumping) and being a butterfly,  it is time that I prepare to fly to travel with some other flower. 🙂

The ‘Seth’ from Saharanpur

The two passengers of the journey of this introview are Arpita (our introviewer) and Anurag Seth who is a participant at LSuC 2013. The journey is dated: 14-June-2013.

Dear Unreaders,

Meet Anurag Seth, tired of the academic world of Physics and disillusioned by any meaningfulness PhD (Poor Helpless Doctor) might have, he is here on the advice of fellow unconferencer and his teacher Kanwaljit Bindra (I am extremely sorry for not being sure about the spelling, please comment if you know the right spelling) when probed, here are his words for the LSuC…


Arpita: What do you expect from the LSuC?

Anurag: I came expecting an onslaught of people, but I just found warm and relaxed people. Now I expect nothing and just looking forward to exploration.


Arpita: What do you feel you bring and can take away from the LSuC 2013?

Anurag: I am a dancer (wow :D) and a physicist. I am passionate for both of them. I want to help facilitate a flash mob, and just hear people and their stories and share mine with them.


Arpita: So what do you think will happen once you go back from LSuC?

Anurag: I find that I do what I want both here and in the world outside. I just fear that it will be difficult to deal with expectations after such a non-judgmental environment at LSuC. My family has accompanied me and I hope this atmosphere permeates throughout when I am back home.


This was our ‘Seth’ from the town of Saharanpur in the northern part of India who shared his experiences with us and I simply love the amazing spirit he possesses.

Pictures ‘speak’ themselves

All pictures are original shots by Prahlad [Raigadh] 😀

Pictures 'speak' themselves

DSCN9982 DSCN9976 DSCN9952 DSCN9949 DSCN9947 DSCN9943

I already said that they speak themselves… !! If they dont, you can ask them 🙂

Miss Sunshine in the rainy day

It is like nature painting a beautiful rainbow using its special paintbrush and the colors are all about togetherness in diversity. This is about an informal conversation with our Miss Little Sunshine also known as “Tanya Ginwala” in the world outside LSuC.


Tanya has been exploring the subject of Psychology and finds it too rigid to define human relationships, specially through numbers. “How can we..?” is what she expresses through her strong emotions towards the number culture we have and how we divide human beings in groups.

I dared to ask her a few questions as it was her first day and a lot of unlearning was still left for her, let us put the conversation to words now.

Me: We are all here for the Learning Societies unConference, my question to you is that what do you really feel like ‘unconferencing’ about?

Tanya: Umm… I have no expectations. Experiencing the joy of listening to people and feel like not having any expectation.

Me: We all know the differences between the two worlds “the world in total and the world at LSuC”. Do you think we all still have anything in common?

Tanya: Since this is my first day, I do not feel like answering this question right away. But the need to be loved and being loved is what people feel everywhere. It is just that most of the people live in closed shells and yet not open to accept everyone.


Since this was her first day, I did not really feel like asking a lot of questions as she wanted to first unexperience her experiences throughout the LSuC. This also made way for an idea that I can possibly introview Tanya again on the 19th when we all say “good-bye” to each other to meet again at the next maha-kumb.

Well this was interesting because Tanya has been here to un’learn’ her long methodical education in psychology. Best of luck Tanya and I wish you will re-discover a lot of things as this place is filled with crazy people who does not fit into the definitions 🙂