Miss Sunshine in the rainy day

It is like nature painting a beautiful rainbow using its special paintbrush and the colors are all about togetherness in diversity. This is about an informal conversation with our Miss Little Sunshine also known as “Tanya Ginwala” in the world outside LSuC.


Tanya has been exploring the subject of Psychology and finds it too rigid to define human relationships, specially through numbers. “How can we..?” is what she expresses through her strong emotions towards the number culture we have and how we divide human beings in groups.

I dared to ask her a few questions as it was her first day and a lot of unlearning was still left for her, let us put the conversation to words now.

Me: We are all here for the Learning Societies unConference, my question to you is that what do you really feel like ‘unconferencing’ about?

Tanya: Umm… I have no expectations. Experiencing the joy of listening to people and feel like not having any expectation.

Me: We all know the differences between the two worlds “the world in total and the world at LSuC”. Do you think we all still have anything in common?

Tanya: Since this is my first day, I do not feel like answering this question right away. But the need to be loved and being loved is what people feel everywhere. It is just that most of the people live in closed shells and yet not open to accept everyone.


Since this was her first day, I did not really feel like asking a lot of questions as she wanted to first unexperience her experiences throughout the LSuC. This also made way for an idea that I can possibly introview Tanya again on the 19th when we all say “good-bye” to each other to meet again at the next maha-kumb.

Well this was interesting because Tanya has been here to un’learn’ her long methodical education in psychology. Best of luck Tanya and I wish you will re-discover a lot of things as this place is filled with crazy people who does not fit into the definitions 🙂


2 thoughts on “Miss Sunshine in the rainy day

  1. Thanks ankit 🙂 couldnt find most people i wanted to say bye to before i left… see you at the next lsuc, if not before that!

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