The ‘Seth’ from Saharanpur

The two passengers of the journey of this introview are Arpita (our introviewer) and Anurag Seth who is a participant at LSuC 2013. The journey is dated: 14-June-2013.

Dear Unreaders,

Meet Anurag Seth, tired of the academic world of Physics and disillusioned by any meaningfulness PhD (Poor Helpless Doctor) might have, he is here on the advice of fellow unconferencer and his teacher Kanwaljit Bindra (I am extremely sorry for not being sure about the spelling, please comment if you know the right spelling) when probed, here are his words for the LSuC…


Arpita: What do you expect from the LSuC?

Anurag: I came expecting an onslaught of people, but I just found warm and relaxed people. Now I expect nothing and just looking forward to exploration.


Arpita: What do you feel you bring and can take away from the LSuC 2013?

Anurag: I am a dancer (wow :D) and a physicist. I am passionate for both of them. I want to help facilitate a flash mob, and just hear people and their stories and share mine with them.


Arpita: So what do you think will happen once you go back from LSuC?

Anurag: I find that I do what I want both here and in the world outside. I just fear that it will be difficult to deal with expectations after such a non-judgmental environment at LSuC. My family has accompanied me and I hope this atmosphere permeates throughout when I am back home.


This was our ‘Seth’ from the town of Saharanpur in the northern part of India who shared his experiences with us and I simply love the amazing spirit he possesses.


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