Alchemy by ‘Arpita’

Look at the dance and beauty,

It flows in pauses all around.

The beats of its rhythm resound

in rain and pauses and applause.

The silent pond of water

Ripples with dripping leaves,

The seamless flow of the wind,

Ruffles a child’s curls.

Feel the silence and the noise

Meld into one another,

Feel their alchemy create,

The simple joy of being.


Note: This is written by Arpita Gaidhane and you can reach her at: arpita.gaidhane at


Prayer for Silence

Note: This post is written by Arpita Gaidhane (arpita.gaidhanes at All rights to this article belongs to her 🙂

Silence invites me, implores to my being, or is it the other way around?

I walk the stone paths strewn amidst the damp green abundance that the monsoons have ushered and move numbly in my own reverie. My being is tangled in the thoughts developed as a defence against the outside urban world, craving to escape into the simple sense of existence that lies deep beneath the turmoil. I feel afraid of all the people that throng around me, I have learnt to fear crowds for their judgment and the tired fights my poor heart has fought saving itself from absolute destruction. I must learn to be within. I must learn to be without.

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My desire makes me struggle and the struggle contradicts the desire. So I pray. I walk the paths in the lush green abundance and pray for my soul to recognize its blessings, to recognize its burdens and shrug off the unnecessary weights it has carried in fear. The future is a mystery but for now, I have a chance to let go and pray.

Pray for silence.

Manish Kataria takes ‘panga’ with the ‘baccha’ party!

And since Manish has already done the wrong thing by not fulfilling his promise of playing with Suhaani, Mrinal and Kritika, the three of them have created something special dedicated to him.

Manish before the ‘panga’ (quarrel)Image


Manish after the ‘panga’ (quarrel)Image


Manish Kataria: This post comes as a result of the direct conflict you had with the ‘girls’ group at LSuC 2013. LSuC unBlog holds no responsibility for any damage caused to your repo 😛 😀

Our first blog post unblogged!

Oh well… finally after having a lot of “tech-tech” issues with putting up the website and the blog within a day, I am finally able to post for the first time (I meant first time at LSuC).

The blog will go more and more interesting as we move ahead and un-experience the biggest “kumbh” ever held for the extra-terrestrial human beings on earth. A lot of cats and dogs are also participating who stays on-campus here at UW Mahindra College. You can check out Mahindra UWC’s website at: and also LSuC front website at:

Lets rock and roll 🙂