The ‘Suhanaa’ safar with ‘Suhanee’

This introview is all about the journey (dated 14-June-13) two people had in a few minutes together, however the bond is much more stronger than what you might perceive from this post. The introviewer is our darling Arpita (who happens to be very creative) and Suhanee has taken up the dare.

Suhanee Bhogra (as she is called everywhere) flashes a charming smile when asked if she would like to give an interview (aka introview). Visiting the LSuC with her dad and dadu (grandfather) with her mom and sister joining soon, this nine year old has written and published a comic book (wow!!) with her friends about four creative super-heroes looking to defeat an evil ninja. When asked about LSuC, this is what she had to share:

Arpita (darling of course): Why are you here?

Suhanee: I want to make more friends and I have already made a lot of friends when I came here (at LSuC) the last time, I am looking forward to seeing them again.

Arpita: What do you think is going to happen here at LSuC 2013?

Suhanee: I am expecting a lot of activities for children (of course she is a grown up too :P) and I will get to play a lot.

Arpita: How are you feeling right now being here?

Suhanee: Yeah, I am pretty happy and it’s been a lot of fun so far.

Arpita (she is still a darling): So what do you enjoy doing generally?

Suhanee: I like to read and dance and a lot of adventure. My favorite adventure is hiking and I have been also taking some interest in Indian, Greek and Pagan mythology.

The journey with Suhanee has been super-cool (like Bungee jumping) and being a butterfly,  it is time that I prepare to fly to travel with some other flower. 🙂