Prayer for Silence

Note: This post is written by Arpita Gaidhane (arpita.gaidhanes at All rights to this article belongs to her ūüôā

Silence invites me, implores to my being, or is it the other way around?

I walk the stone paths strewn amidst the damp green abundance that the monsoons have ushered and move numbly in my own reverie. My being is tangled in the thoughts developed as a defence against the outside urban world, craving to escape into the simple sense of existence that lies deep beneath the turmoil. I feel afraid of all the people that throng around me, I have learnt to fear crowds for their judgment and the tired fights my poor heart has fought saving itself from absolute destruction. I must learn to be within. I must learn to be without.

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My desire makes me struggle and the struggle contradicts the desire. So I pray. I walk the paths in the lush green abundance and pray for my soul to recognize its blessings, to recognize its burdens and shrug off the unnecessary weights it has carried in fear. The future is a mystery but for now, I have a chance to let go and pray.

Pray for silence.